Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Re-construction & rehabilitation of Bhagavathi Temple, Bettageri, Kodagu

About the temple: Bhagavathi Temple, Bettageri, Madikeri, Kodagu.

                    The story of the Temple dates back to approximately 1500 year's old. However there was temple construction previously done as well. Main Goddess is Goddess Bhagavathi. Every year March 24 & 25th festival is conducted wherein all the people in and around Bettageri join hands for the succcess of the festical. Goddess has family of other Gods like Sarthavu, Aiyappa, vishnumurthy and guliga. 30 vokkas or families in the village join hands to run the festival from age old days.
Archive picture of the temple in 2015

                    Unfortunately, June 6th 2015 the temple was destroyed by natural calamity of tree falling on the temple, Luckily the Idol or the Vigraha was not damaged. As per the Astamangala process before February end 2016 the temple construction has to be completed for the festival to go on like every year. 
6th June 2015, Picture of Huge tree fallen on the temple

                     As of now the Temple committee and villagers have joined hands and the temple Re-construction Work done is 1/4th. As Per the rough Blueprint for Temple Re-construction & Prathistapana process & Several Poojas will cost around 25 Lakhs or more. 

Current structure as on 15th January 2016
                    We request one and all from Bettageri, Kodagu, Karnataka and all parts of India to Please contribute as much as possible for the successful Re-construction & rehabilitation of Bhagavathi Temple in Bettageri.  

Please Contribure generously:-
Account details: -

Name: Bhagavathi Temple
Bank : Corporation Bank.                               Branch : Bettageri
Account no: 008300101004374                      IFSC code: CORP0000083

Contact in case of any Queries : 08272 245901 | 9449765095

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